R&D and Quality Control

Our R&D department has two main tasks:
1) New product development
2) Quality Control

New product Development

To give our customers total satisfaction we spend lots of time developing and creating new products. We believe that a product can only be a success if it’s delicious, tasty and unique. This is our vision of food. In the development process we co-operate with our existing partners, which enables us to make products that are in perfect harmony with the will of the customers and with the demand of the market.

Quality Control

To meet our buyer’s demands in all aspects we have established very high standards of quality. Our production sites are HACCP and either ISO or EFSIS certified.

From the very beginning special attention is paid to every production process. Being in the health sector it is extremely important that we use as many natural raw materials as possible. For our organic products it is clear, we use only natures own ingredients! Also for our conventional meals and products we do our best to avoid artificial colourings, flavour enhancers and other artificial components, where ever it is possible. All of our meals are GMO free and comply with EC regulation 49/2000. As we mainly produce for the European market, our meals follow the EU regulations related to foodstuff and mealreplacements.